2011 Madison Mayoral Voting

On April 5, 2011, Madison voters choose former Mayor Paul Soglin over two-term incumbent Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

The election marked the fourth time Cieslewicz and Soglin appeared on a ballot together, and capped an energetic campaign featuring two of the city's political heavyweights that nonetheless was overshadowed by issues at the state Capitol.

This map displays a ward-by-ward breakdown of the voting, which ended with Soglin getting 49.77 percent of the vote (44,542 total votes), compared to Cieslewicz's 48.97 percent (43,829 total votes). Some 1,133 write-in votes are not reflected on this map.

Strong Cieslewicz win
Close Cieslewicz win
Even voting margin
Close Soglin win
Strong Soglin win

Follow Paul Soglin's latest term as Madison's mayor

Vote tally courtesy of the Dane County Clerk.
Map by Chris Keller with assistance from Jon Davenport, John Keefe, Brian Boyer & Christopher Groskopf.